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Hello there, this is Lilly Ride here with the first post for this brand new site. I hope to get a lot of views, but I guess I can’t be to exited. I am doing this blog with a few of my friends who should be joining soon, so please check out all of their blogs too. It would really mean a lot. This website was created because the original Lilly and Mimi website was deleted by some one(we still don’t know who) We have other sites which I hope we will be able to post on here very soon. I hope that you all will enjoy this site and have a wonderful visit. I will be updating more next year, which is so close I can feel it now. I will be doing a couple of posts today and spread my postings out more (I hope) after New Years. Anyways, enjoy, relaxe, and have fun. Just to warn you ahead of time, this blog will get pretty random, like, whatever we feel like posting random. Okay, That’s all for the Hello, now, I start the real blogging. =D

Hello Wonderful People.

I have decided that there will be a new editor sometime soon, and I hope you all will treat her kindly. She had a website before this one, though, it was for something else. I am sure you will all enjoy her. She should be on here soon, so that is all I will say for now.

What should I do?

Okay, so I think I will try to post at the very least, once a week. I will try to post on Mondays, so you all have something to look forward to when you start the week. This will start next week, but I need to know what you guys want me to post. I will most likely out this as a website where I put writing or where I just have posts about what’s going on, but I want you all, or anyone out there who is listening, to tell me what you all want to see.

Again, I am left with nothing to say

Okay, nothing I can really think of saying again, but I hope some of the other editors will post soon. So, I guess I will just post another chapter of Sister time


Chapter 2~ Gina

Gina woke up around nine that morning. She got up, got dressed, and started watching tv. The news was on and she listened to what the weather would be like. It was suppose to be sunny and warm all day according to the reporter. Gina smiled and turned off the tv. She went into the kitchen and had some toast. As she ate, she looked out the window at the world outside and wondered if her brother would be swimming today. She figured he would since it was one of his favorite activities. It was then that a thought popped into her head, what if I go see him today. I bet he would let me stay over there for the night if I did.
Gina finished up her toast and packed a bag. She called her brother to inform him that she was coming. “Okay, I’ll get your room ready,” he said when he heard the news. “Okay,” Gina replied, “thanks.” She hung up and put her things in the back of her car. Gina climbed to the front of the car, started the car, and began the forty-five minute long trip to her brothers house.
When she arrived at her destination, she heard running in the house. Makoto must be babysitting our youngest siblings again, she thought to herself, oh well, here goes nothing. She knocked on the door and waited a moment. The running stopped and she heard someone coming to the door. Makoto opened the door and said, “Hey Gina, I thought it would take you a little longer to get here.” Gina replied, “I don’t live that far away, but I guess it does take a while, I made good time, right?” Makoto answered, “Yes, you did” Gina’s younger siblings came out and they said their hello’s and Gina said hers.
Fifteen minutes after Gina had been there, her younger siblings left. Her and Makoto talked about what had been happening in their lives, and caught up. They talked for a while about anything they could think of. When they were out of things to talk about, they watched a little tv. A little while later, they were bored. Gina brought her stuff in and she unpacked in her room while her brother took a shower in his room. When she was done unpacking, she lay on her bed thinking for a while. When Makoto came out of the shower, she asked if he wanted to go to the beach. He smiled and she realized that she had asked a stupid question. They got their swimming clothes on and sweatshirts and went to the beach.

Read more at https://www.booksie.com/466235-sister-time-chapter-2#TetDiyxIipF1c4fS.99