Hey again Creatives! Nice to see you all again. I think I might start trying to update this website more often, so you all should be seeing some new stuff soon. I hope you enjoy. I have recently posted an outfit, and that is something I think I might begin doing. Some other things include… Continue reading


Stop The Pain (Short Story)


I looked beside me to my left, to my big brother, who was still looking at the clouds above us. I looked up once again, but my gaze did not stay on the clouds for long as they soon locked onto the other women beside me, my mother, who soon met my gaze, smiling lovingly. Her smile was contagious, and I felt my own lips pull upwards into a smile as well. My big brother sat up, stretching his arms before standing up, along with my mother, who followed the motion of getting up. They then turned towards me and each held out a hand. I took their hands in mine, and they carefully pulled me up, my brother catching me as I almost fell forward, not getting my footing right. Pulling me back up, he turned his back to me, and I knew what that meant! Continue reading “Stop The Pain (Short Story)”